Why You Need To Have Your Plantar Fasciitis Treated

Plantar fasciitis can be a very painful foot disorder that affects how you walk, but it can affect you as you rest more than anything. Plantar fasciitis can be treated with a number of different techniques, including rest, ice, over-the-counter pain medications, exercise, footwear changes, shoe inserts, and sometimes with surgery. If you have plantar fasciitis and you leave it untreated, you could end up with some serious issues. Read on for some information about why it's so important to have a plantar fasciitis treatment plan. [Read More]

A Podiatrist Can Offer You First-Rate Foot and Ankle Care

Experiencing an injury or having another medical condition that affects one of your feet or ankles can make everyday life much more difficult, and the right podiatrist can offer you the comprehensive care that's needed to put an end to your suffering. Podiatrists can offer several treatment options so that patients can receive the best foot and ankle care possible. Visiting a podiatrist to receive foot and ankle care can help you get back on your feet so that you can move on with life. [Read More]

Custom Orthotics You Get From A Foot Doctor Might Help With Your Foot Pain

If you have problems with frequent foot pain, you might want to try orthotics that you wear in your shoes. Orthotics you get from a foot doctor are different from inserts you buy at a drugstore. Here's a look at how they're different and why orthotics might be the answer for your foot pain. Shoe Inserts Fit Most Feet Shoe inserts are made for almost all types of feet. Even if you buy them in your size, they don't take into account the peculiarities in the shape of your feet or the irregularities in the way you walk. [Read More]

Ankle Sprain? How You Can Prevent A Future Sprain

A sprained ankle can feel a lot like a broken ankle. If you sprain your ankle, you may want to go to the podiatrist to be sure it was in fact a sprain, rather than a break to ensure you are receiving the proper treatment. A break can sometimes heal on its own, but it may also need surgery. See the podiatrist to be properly diagnosed and treated for your injury. [Read More]