Why You Need To Have Your Plantar Fasciitis Treated

Plantar fasciitis can be a very painful foot disorder that affects how you walk, but it can affect you as you rest more than anything. Plantar fasciitis can be treated with a number of different techniques, including rest, ice, over-the-counter pain medications, exercise, footwear changes, shoe inserts, and sometimes with surgery. If you have plantar fasciitis and you leave it untreated, you could end up with some serious issues. Read on for some information about why it's so important to have a plantar fasciitis treatment plan.

To Prevent Worsening Foot Issues

If you leave your plantar fasciitis untreated, you may end up with further issues with your plantar fasciitis. Your plantar fasciitis could worsen to the point that you are unable to walk throughout the day, or you could end up with problems where other foot issues develop in the process. You could end up with heel spurs or arch pain, or you could end up with issues where you change the way you walk because of your plantar fasciitis.

To Prevent Other Medical Conditions

If you change the way you are walking to compensate for your sore feet, you could end up with hip pain or even back pain. If you aren't having your plantar fasciitis treated, you may end up with these other medical issues that will also then need to be treated. Your change in gait could leave you unable to walk at all at some point.

What Should You Do?

You need to have your plantar fasciitis treated by a podiatrist in order to prevent the other issues listed above. Your feet need your care, so if you leave them untreated, you could end up in much more pain, and more medical bills than you ever anticipated. The chronic pain you may be feeling can put a damper on other areas of your life, leaving you unable to live the life you should be living. Make an appointment with the podiatrist and get diagnosed and treated for this condition. In the meantime, you can change your shoes or add inserts to your current shoes to add more support to your shoes. You should also rest your feet when needed, and ice them when they are in pain. 

If you aren't getting treated for your plantar fasciitis, you may end up with other medical issues, and be in even more pain. The pain from plantar fasciitis isn't going to go away on its own. You need to be treated. Make an appointment with a podiatrist to treat this condition.