What To Do If You Have A Bunion

A bunion is a growth on the toe, usually the large toe, which occurs when the toes are squished and it pushes the big toe inward. The bone on the side of the foot then pushes out further and creates a bunion. A bunion can be painful and cause irritation on the side of the foot, which can make things like just walking difficult. If you have a bunion, you need to get into a podiatrist for treatment of this condition. It can sometimes go away with some treatment, or it may require surgery. Surgery may be needed to remove the growth on the bone and to move the big toe back into position. Read on for helpful information about bunions.

What Causes A Bunion?

A bunion is caused by wearing shoes that are too tight and too narrow for your foot and for your toes. You should wear shoes that offer enough space so that your toes have some room to move around and so they aren't squished at all. If your toes feel squished, or you feel pain in the bone just under your big toe, you need to change the shoes you are wearing. Other shoes such as shoes that press your feet forward, as in high heels, or shoes that don't give you support in the insoles can also lead to bunions. You can form a bunion on the big toe, or even on the small toe depending on how the toes are being pushed.

How To Correct A Bunion?

Sometimes a bunion can heal on its own and you can correct the bunion by wearing the right shoes that offer you support and enough room for your toes. You should also stop wearing high heels and add inserts to all of your shoes for added cushion. You should also rest your feet at night when you aren't on them, and put your feet up to alleviate any swelling or pain. Taking an over-the-counter pain relief can help with the pain you may have as well. A  bunion sock may help press the bunion back into place and pull your big toe back into place.

When at-home remedies don't work to correct your bunion, or changing your footwear doesn't do anything, you should make an appointment with the podiatrist for other forms of treatment. Your podiatrist may recommend bunion surgery to remove the bone growth that has formed and to move the toe back into place. Talk to your podiatrist about what is best for your condition.

For more information, contact a podiatrist near you.