3 FAQs About Plantar Fasciitis

The human foot might look simple enough, but it is actually quite complicated. The feet alone contain about one-quarter of all the bones in your body. Besides being complex, feet are also the main body part used for walking, standing, and running. With all the use the feet get, it's no wonder so many people experience problems with them. Plantar fasciitis is one such foot problem. This ailment of the foot affects two million people in the United States. [Read More]

3 Tips To Help You Recover From Hammer Toe Surgery

Hammer toe is a condition where a toe can become deformed when the middle joint bends in a way that makes the toe curl instead of pointing forward properly. In some cases, hammer toe can be treated by making simple changes, such as wearing the proper footwear. But in serious cases of hammer toe, surgery may be necessary in order to correct the condition. If your podiatrist suggests surgery to correct a hammer toe, it can be helpful to know what to expect. [Read More]

What You Can Expect From Toenail Removal

If you have been struggling with ingrown toenails or other major toenail issues for a while, your doctor may have recommended that you have your entire toenail removed. You might be surprised to hear that and unsure of what to expect from the procedure and from the healing process. Get to know some of what you can expect from a toenail removal. Then, you can be better prepared on the day of your podiatrist appointment. [Read More]

When Should You See a Foot Specialist?

Podiatrists care for your feet specifically. If you have a foot problem, this is where you should go. They have the knowledge to help you with any foot issue you are experiencing. If you aren't sure when you should see a foot specialist, read on for a few times it may be best to seek help from the professionals.  Ingrown Toenails Ingrown toenails are very painful, and you may need to see a foot specialist. [Read More]