What To Know When Considering Toe Shortening Surgery

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, individuals will often fail to consider that they could have these procedures done to their feet. In reality, cosmetic toe surgery is becoming a procedure that an increasing number of patients are considering. More specifically, toe shortening surgeries are a popular reason for undergoing this treatment.

Why Would You Want To Have A Toe Shortened?

For many patients, having a long toe can present a number of problems. One of the most obvious will be difficulty wearing the type and style of shoes that the patient wants. Also, some individuals will feel very self-conscious when it comes to their long toes as this can be the dominant visual feature of their feet. While there can be obvious cosmetic benefits for toe shortening surgery, it can also help patients with avoiding hammertoe and other painful problems with their feet in the future.

What Is Involved With Toe Shortening Surgery?

The process of shortening a toe will be fairly involved, and this is something that patients will need to appreciate. During this procedure, a portion of the bone will be removed to allow the toe to be shortened. The particular and amount of bone that is removed will depend largely on the amount of shortening that the patient is wanting. An initial consultation will be necessary for the doctor to assess the structure of the toe. In particular, x-rays will be needed as part of this process.

Is Recovering From Toe Shortening Surgery Difficult?

Due to the fact that a portion of the long toes will be removed, the patient that is undergoing this procedure should expect a fairly lengthy recovery. In most cases, a patient will need to be mindful of their feet for at least several weeks to several months after the surgery. Additionally, follow-up visits are needed so that the healing of the toe can be monitored for infections or other complications. Healing from the physical damage from the surgery is not the only challenge for patients that have undergone toe shortening surgery. They will also need to adjust to walking and running with their shorter toes.

Will Your Insurance Pay For The Costs Of Your Toe Shortening Surgery?

Unfortunately, most patients will find that their insurance will not pay for the costs of toe shortening surgery due to it being classified as a cosmetic procedure. Luckily, this procedure is often much more affordable than other types of surgery, and many providers of this type of cosmetic surgery work with financing services to make it possible for patients to pay for this procedure.