3 Smart Preparations To Take For Total Ankle Replacement Surgery

If you're older in age and your ankle has seen better days, a total ankle replacement surgery may be necessary. Although this sounds like a pretty intense process, it will be more manageable to deal with when you take these preparation steps. 

Purchase an Ankle Supportive Device 

After this surgery, it's so important that you keep your ankle in place for a couple of weeks. This will fast-track the healing process and give your ankle and surrounding structures plenty of time to fully recover. You can keep your ankle in place with some sort of supportive device, such as a splint or boot. 

Try finding something that's comfortable to wear, yet keeps your ankle from moving around throughout the day. It may take some time to find the perfect ankle support, but when you do, you'll find ample relief and healing will go according to plan. 

Find a Competent Surgeon

The success of this ankle replacement surgery is highly dependent on the surgeon performing it. You don't just want to go with any surgeon. Rather, you need to find a specialist who deals with ankle-related problems on a daily basis.

They'll have their techniques down to a science, and should complications occur, their specialty experience will help them troubleshoot the problem before serious complications arise.

You'll also want to check out the credentials of the surgeon you plan on working with. You can see where they went to school and find out if they're board certified. These credentials will give you more confidence going into surgery. 

Take Advantage of Physical Therapy

Since you're having your total ankle replaced, walking after surgery will be like a new experience. That's why it's a good idea to utilize physical therapy during this time so that you have professional assistance.

A physical therapist will monitor your recovery and take you through multiple exercises each week, with the intention of getting you back your normal range of motion. They can also demonstrate exercises that you can complete at home. Ultimately, this helps speed up your recovery time. These therapists can also provide support when you're feeling down, which may happen when you experience pain or trouble walking. 

Having one of your ankles completely replaced may have you up at night worrying. To ease this apprehension, perform ample research and know how to prepare for this surgery in advance. Then, you can head into surgery with no worries at all. For more information about total ankle replacement surgery, contact a surgeon in your area.